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Noelene Noone from Data Dialect developed two Corona virus data dashboards.

  • Data updated daily.
  • Global summary for infections as at yesterday.
  • Compare the curves of multiple countries of your choice.
  • Detailed analysis for South Africa as at yesterday.
  • Data refresh as it is published.
  • Global summary for any date from 22 January 2020 to yesterday.
  • Detailed analysis for a country and dates of your choice.
  • May take longer to load, 15 minute usage time-out.

Data Dialect specialise in the Data Wrangling.  We source, scrub and explore data for your data science platform through our Data Dialect Framework.  Our work is done leveraging R and SQL.
Read our blog on why Data Wrangling is the key to Data Science.

  • We regularly share samples of our work on GitHub follow the link – github.com/Techstrat.
  • We publish an up to date list of recommended Resources demonstrating the wealth of knowledge that exists on the Net and entice you to start and continue travelling the data journey.
  • On our blog page we use our work and life experiences to bring data analysis alive.  See our link to the blog posts.
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